Hot Dip Galvanizing & Bright Zinc Plating

AC Steels Ltd can provide customers with Hot Dip Galvanizing of any type of mild steel product. We work hand-in-hand with leading UK specialists. All hot dipped galvanized services we provide are in accordance with the British Standard for Hot Dip Galvanizing - BS EN ISO 1461:2009.

Why Hot Dip Galvanize...?

Hot Dip Galvanizing significantly prolongs the lifespan of mild steel. Steel is prone to rust, galvanizing provides the steel with a maintenance free, long lasting and durable coating, which greatly prevents rusting, and increases lifespan.

Hot Dip Galvanizing is the process of coating mild steel by submerging it into molten zinc for the purpose of protecting it against corrosion.

NOTE: Bright Zinc Plating is also available, contact us for more details.

The Process…

  • Inspection
  • Pickle
  • Wash
  • Flux
  • Dry
  • Galvanize
  • Post Treatment

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